Legal Resources

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Funding Cuts to Community Legal Clinics in OntarioAn open letter to Premier Wynne regarding the funding cuts to Community Legal ClinicsDocumentAfrican Canadian Legal ClinicMetro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal ClinicSouth Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario 
'I Simply Do Not Believe': A Case Study of Credibility Determinations in Canadian Refugee AdjudicationThis article examines credibility determinations in Canadian refugee adjudication through a case study of decision-making by a refugee adjudicator who denied every single refugee claim he heard over a three-year period. DocumentYork University - Osgoode Hall Law School2017
Made in Canada: How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers' InsecurityThis report explores the temporary migrant worker programs, the laws and policies of these programs and recommendations that the government needs to protect fundamental freedoms and human rights for migrant workers.DocumentMetcalf Foundation2012
Meeting the Challenges of Delivering Refugee Legal Aid Services - Consultation PaperThis paper summarized LAO's analysis of the challenges faced by new legislation (Bill C-31) and proposes a provisional model for providing refugee legal aid services in this new environment.DocumentLegal Aid Ontario2012
Who Belongs? Rights, Benefits, Obligations and Immigration Status: A Discussion PaperThis paper focuses on the question 'If our laws establish distinctions on the basis of immigration status, if they are allocating rights, obligations and benefits differently depending on whether a person is a permanent resident, a citizen or temporary worker or has an unclear immigrant status, how can we be certain that this allocation is appropriate, fair and not discriminatory?'DocumentCanadian Civil Liberties Association2010
Your Legal Rights - Citizenship, What you need to knowA recorded webinar addresses the new changes to Canadian citizenship law. Bill C-24 and the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship ActDocumentCommunity Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)2014

Legal Websites

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Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)CLEO produces clear, accurate and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.WebsiteCommunity Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
Legal Aid Ontario mobile AppThis app permits potential legal aid clients to self-assess for financial eligibility for legal aid certificates.WebsiteLegal Aid Ontario
Legal LineLegal Line is a not-for-profit organization providing Canadians with access to the laws under which we are governed. The free answers give people the information they need to make informed decisions that impact everyday life.WebsiteLegal Line
Steps to JusticeCommunity Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) launches a new website that gives reliable, step-by-step information on common legal problems in family, housing, employment and other areas of law. WebsiteCommunity Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)